Yah I know.

So what are these pictures supposed to be?

Well we see Masterchief killing covenant and saving the human race all the time, but we never learn about his private life. Does he have a significant other, whats his favorite food, boxers or breifs, etc.... So these pictures are here to let the world see that the chief isn't just some mindless killing machine, but a person just like you and me.

Who made the helmet?

It was made by Nightmare Armor Studios

Are you going to get the rest of the Master Chief suit?

I currently own one complete suit of armor.

Why the hell haven't you posted pictures of the suit?!?!?!?!

I'm waiting for an engraved invitation.

Will you be getting any other new toys for the site?

Yes..... *snipe*

Where did that kick ass plasma grenade come from?

Took it off a dead Elite.... Ok so I made it in my backyard.

Can I send you hatemail?

Yes, but please use proper spelling and grammar. Also English is my preferred language. And if you want to get bonus points, write it in the form of a haiku.

So all these pictures are Photoshops, right?

Nope. While I do Photoshop some aspects of them, like putting a prop in that I couldn't find for the shoot, or to change the color of something... I do my best to avoid altering the pictures.

Can I download the pictures and keep them on my local machine or give them to people?

Yes, but I wish you wouldn't. While I haven't made it so people can't save the images (cuz there are legitimate reasons to save them) I would prefer you just visited the site when you want to see them again. Why is this? Well it all has to do with advertising. Advertising pays for a good chunk of this site, and if I don't have visitors, then I don't have anyone seeing the ads and won't have any money.

Can I be in one of your pictures?

Well if you live in the Philadelphia area (more specifficaly Cherry Hill New Jersey) and can get over to where I am, and your a hot girl (over the age of 18)... then yes. Otherwise no.

That last answer was kind of crude.

It's called comic relief. That "can I download images" answer was too long and boring. I had to keep you awake somehow.

Is this FAQ almost over?


Didn't you have a store?

Yes I did, however a friend of mine told me that he believed fonts were copyrightable. And since everything used the Halo font, I figured Micosoft probably owns the copyright on it. And as I don't want to get sued, I took the store down before anyone could buy anything. If I ever get in contact with Microsoft's legal department about it and they say its ok then I'll put it back up... but I'm in no real hurry at the moment, so no coffee mugs for you.

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